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Property Rates in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the fastest growing metropolitan among the developing cities of India. Over the time, the city has become the most desired place for all the top notch business houses of the world. The metropolitan development aligned with increasing job opportunities across different sectors has created a huge demand for the human resource of different skill sets. To give a match to this growing population, builders and real estate experts have also come with a wide range of offerings. All these have their natural impact on the property rates in Gurgaon. With the growth of the economy job opportunities, population and the net disposable income of individuals also keep growing and in the same line the rates of property also exhibits the tendency to go upward. The linearity of this relationship remains intact when the overall economy is passing through some tough time.

Residential Property Price in Gurgaon

During past few years Gurgaon has also witnessed the raise on fall of its property rates. Due to the increasing interest rate and cost of capital the property rates in Gurgaon has softened itself to some extent and if we compare the trend of this rate we will see that the rates are still promising against the property rate of Delhi region. In this section of our website, our team has presented updated pricing information of properties located in key areas across Gurgaon. This pricing information includes both rent and capital rates per sq. feet. Both investor and the individuals looking for housing options will find the rate information for the areas like different phases of DLF city, Sushant lok, areas adjacent to MG Road, Golf Course Road etc.

It is predicted that in coming days more and more real estate projects will take shape in Gurgaon making the long term investment in Real Estate making an investors’ delight. With the information presented in this section investor can easily track the trend of the property rates in Gurgaon to pick the best option to maximize their return on investment.

Rent And Capital Rates In Gurgaon



Rental (Per Sq ft*)

Capital (Per Sq ft*)




DLF Phase I

28-29 +/- (2% to 3%)

9900-10300 +/- (2% to 3%)

DLF Phase II

26-27 +/- (2% to 3%)

9700-10200 +/- (2% to 3%)


17-18 +/- (2% to 3%)

6800-7700 +/- (2% to 3%)

DLF Phase IV

21-26 +/- (2% to 3%)

6300-7400 +/- (2% to 3%)

Golf Course Road

31-36 +/- (2% to 3%)

5700-6900 +/- (2% to 3%)

MG Road

22-25 +/- (2% to 3%)

6900-8050 +/- (2% to 3%)

Palam Vihar

12-15 +/- (2% to 3%)

3700-4200 +/- (2% to 3%)

Sector 9

10-11 +/- (2% to 3%)

2600-4200 +/- (2% to 3%)

Sector 31

17-18 +/- (2% to 3%)

5800-6800 +/- (2% to 3%)

Sector 47

11-13 +/- (2% to 3%)

3800-4300 +/- (2% to 3%)

Sector 56

12-14 +/- (2% to 3%)

3300-3900 +/- (2% to 3%)

Sohna Road

12-17 +/- (2% to 3%)

3500-4200 +/- (2% to 3%)

Sushant lok

18-21 +/- (2% to 3%)

5600-7000 +/- (2% to 3%)

The Rates, In Rupees, Are Indicative Only.

Those who want to be a long-term investor in Gurgaon and willing to be in the real estate scenario for long, can derive the maximum advantage at present. It is suggested by the real-estate experts that this price low down is temporary and the property prices would increase once the economy and the interest rates settle down.

Invest on New Residential Zones

It has also been inferred that the revision of Collector Rates is going to immensely affect the property rates. The revised circle rates, which are decided by the Gurgaon District Administration, have caused steep rise in the property rates in Gurgaon. These quantum leaps in property rates are functional for the New Residential Zones (NRZ) of Gurgaon.

These zones are basically cultivated land areas that are now being used to build residential areas. This has been primarily done to explore the lucrative potential of growth that will come along with the New Residential Zones.

Although due to somewhat similar circle rates, the property rates in developed areas have taken a steep dip. The farmers or the land owners who own cultivable land is getting the maximum benefit out of this.

Luxury Flats Rates in Gurgaon

Around more than 10,000 new luxury flats will be getting constructed over the next two years in Gurgaon. Many real estate moguls are coming up with their new mega residential projects that are going to make the property scenario more attractive in Gurgaon. It was few months back only the scenario when the Gurgaon property market was on the high rise trend. The current indolence in the realty market is due to the shift in the focus of the buyer’s interest. The market is already ripe with rum ours that many high-profile builders and realtors are going to announce numerous lucrative projects in Gurgaon. This will change the paradigm of present slump in property rates towards a bungee-high real estate prices. So buyers and investors, this is the right time to derive maximum out of the ongoing rates of property in Gurgaon.

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