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Rapid urbanization needs government involvement to be controlled
Economic development of any county can grow with urbanization. India is a country which is growing rapidly in terms of population, which has grown to whopping 1.2 billion. In a recent research, it has come out that approx 377 million citizens of India are residing in urban agglomerations. This ratio is high as compared to any other developing country. One of the disadvantages of India’s unplanned urbanization system is that urbanization comes under supply of housing units. In the year of 2012, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MHUPA) announced that around 18.78 million units of housing system were short in urban areas of India.

Reports of C&W and PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry tell that the demand of housing in urban areas will range up to 12 million units in the year 2017, based on the current population. Reports also say that the urban population in 2021 will be expected to increase by around 500 million. Population is increasing day by day, which doesn’t match the requirements of housing units, and the result is grow slums in urban areas that also cause social issues. India’s urbanization is also facing problem as attention was not paid to urban transformation. Environment of the country also gets affected due to the growth of population and urbanization.

In India, speedy development of urbanization has caused extensive extension of environmental degradation. According to studies conducted in this matter, it is apparent that India will have to take some steps for sustainable urban development. These studies also say that the major cities of the country should provide basic services to the workers who came from other cities or villages. To improve urbanization, government will have to plan sound policies in order to bring the uncontrolled urbanization under measureable control. Rapid urbanization should be tackled with care and should include proper planning by the government, funding as well as the execution of plan.

By offering redevelopment schemes and projects with affordable rates of houses, government can improve the condition of urbanization. India is a country where many people are homeless so affordable houses are relevant. Researchers say that developers don’t build houses at affordable rates and only focus on luxurious projects. With the development of townships, people will get proper housing facility with hospitals, schools and other amenities as well. Slums can be replaced by the creation of quality housing. Urbanization also affects the use of land so the redevelopment is essential. With proper planning and implementation, government can improve build better infrastructure and improve the population to house ratio.

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