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Real Estate - A Profit or Loss
My readers might not be familiar with the word real estate. Let me first introduce what a real estate business means. In very simple words I could explain it as a property which consists of the land and the buildings on it. The business of selling and buying the lands or renting land also comes under the real estate business.

The familiar terms associated with this business are buyers, broker, sellers, builders and developers etc. These are the people who make profit in this business.

You might ponder that how a builder can make profit from your investment in real estate. Yes, builders do make profit from the investment done by investors! There are many different ways in which a builder can make profit from the investment. A builder will sometimes ask you to pay the charges of transfer of property. Narinder Juneja, form GurgaonProperties.net , says that charging for transfer of property is unfair and illegal since the builder has already conveyed the property to the purchaser and has no rights over the property.

The builder will charge the buyer with many other expenses if the later buys a land and desires to have buildings on it.

The UP Apartment Act 2010 is silent on the matter of transfer charges. It seeks to “provide for the ownership of an individual apartment in a building of an undivided interest in the common areas and facilities appurtenant to such apartment and to make such apartment and interest heritable and transferable and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.” This means that apartments are easily transferable and liquid in nature and that there should be no hindrance to the buyer to sell it at any point in time.

You should hire a builder for building your real estate by keeping several things in mind which will definitely help in decreasing the builder’s profit and in curtailing your expenses. Also you should bear in mind that sometimes encroaching is done with buyer’s rights. This can be done by several people, when a person buys a land.

Therefore if you are planning to invest in real estate business you have to take care of small things that play a very big role in incurring you profit or loss. You ought to have thorough knowledge of every aspect of this business. It will be a risky investment for you if you lack in understanding the various factors because this business is capital intensive and it is highly cash flow dependent. A thorough inspection of the property in which you want to invest is required. Sometimes, wrong choice can lead to huge loss to the investor. Your ignorance might lead to encroachment of your rights. Most developers in Delhi-NCR and other states are charging transfer fees from buyers who want to dispose of their apartments in group housing projects. However, these charges differ from project to project, builder to builder, even depending on the inventory pending with the developer. In most cases, especially, when it comes to upcoming builders, the first transfer charge is free. This is primarily because these builders wish to attract as many investors as possible at the onset.

It has also been found that in case of new and upcoming locations, there is a huge inventory pile-up and a demand-supply mismatch as the units in the secondary market are usually available at prices lower than the primary market and the price at which the builder may have launched the second or the third phase. This is when a developer steps in and stops buyers from transferring their property for a certain period.

The transfer charge also depends on the category and the quality of the property and in most cases ranges from 100 sq ft to 1,000 per sq ft.

In Haryana, several builders charge a transfer fee depending on the current price of the project. The transfer charge would double if a property was bought at 2,000 per sq ft and its current value is 4,000 per sq ft.

You might also find it difficult in investing due to the continuous intruding of various people without any rights and permission. The builder can also intrude in your investment. Boundaries must be marked around the land using trees, fences etc. Encroachment can be corrected by giving or selling the encroachment party an easement or lease for the lifetime of the building.

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