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List of Police Station District Gurgaon , Haryana, India


The present Gurgaon district comprising nine blocks Tauru, Nuh, Pataudi, Nagina, Punhana, F.P.Jhirka, Sohna, Gurgaon & Farrukhnagar was created on15 August,1979. It is the southern-most district of Haryana. The district lies between 27 degree 39' and 28 degree 32' 25" latitude, and 76 degree 39' 30"and 77 degree 20' 45" longitude. On its north, it is bounded by the district of Rohtak and the Union Territory of Delhi.Faridabad district lies to its east. On its south, the distt. shares boundaries with the states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. To its west lies the district of Rewari and the State of Rajasthan .

Gurgaon town is about 32 kms away from New Delhi , the National Capital of India.

Law and Order Situation:

Progress with Peace is the clarion call in the present day Haryana where the citizens are peace -loving hardworking, Law-abiding and forward looking. With an alert law and order machinery, the State has the record of losing the least number of man-days in the country.

Banking Facilities:

All major Indian banks have branches at Gurgaon .It is just a matter of time before the foreign Banks make an entry.

The Haryana Institute of Public Administration is conducting Japanese Language classes with the help of AOTS (Association for Over Technical Scholarship Japan)

Climate :

The climate, except during the monsoon, is characterized by the dryness in air, a hot summer and a cold winter. The year may be broadly divided into four seasons, viz. winter, summer, monsoon and the post monsoon or the transit period. The winter starts late in November and continues upto the beginning of March. The summer is from March till the end of June. The period from July to mid September is the south west monsoon season. Mid September to end of November constitutes the post monsoon or the transition period.

Rainfall :

The normal annual rainfall in the district is 553.00 mm. The rainfall in the district increases from the west towards the east. About 77% of the annual rainfall in the district is received during the south-west monsoon months.

Temperature :

From about the beginning of March, temperatures begin to increase rapidly. May and June are the hottest months when the mean daily maximum temperature is about 41° C. While days are little hotter in May than in June, Nights are warmer in June than in May. From April onwards, hot dust-laden winds locally known as loo blows and weather is unpleasant. The mean daily maximum temperature in January is about 21° C and the mean daily minimum temperature about 7° C.

Language :

The language of Meos is Mewati, a sub dialect of north-eastern Rajasthani. The language of the north and west of the district in which the Ahirs predominate is Ahirwati, another sub-dialect of the north eastern Rajasthani, while language in east of the district in which the Jats predominate, is the Braj Bhasha dialect of western Hindi.

Religion :

The majority of population of the district consist of Hindus. They predominate both in the rural and urban areas except in the Nuh and Ferozpur Jhirka tehsils where the Muslims are in majority.

Festivals and Fairs :

Festivals and fairs are an integral part of religious life. The common festivals celebrated by the Hindus are Holi, Janam Ashtami, Dussehra and Diwali. The other festivals are Shivratri, Gugga Naumi, Solono and Bhaiya Duj. Mela Masani mata or Sitla Mata ka mela and mela Chhat Bhadon or Baldev Chhat are the more important fair held in the district. Mela Pir, mela Burha Baba or Mela Vankhandeshwat, Mela Suraj Kund, Mela of Ravan of Meos and Mela Jhirka are locally important fairs.

Irrigation :

The district has a considerable topographic diversity. The drainage problem is of a typical nature; it is difficult because of the drain tendering to flow towards inland depressions instead of flowing out into some river. The soil is heterogeneous. At most places it is rocky and water is brackish.


Total Area

2,760 Sq.Km. (269,985  hectare)

Total Cultivable Land  

211,659 hect.

Non-Cultivable Land   

58,326 hect.

Abadi (Habitation)       

98,532 hect.

Gair Mumkin               

39,965 hect.

Gair Abadi                    

113,127 hect.


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