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Original Booking in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a popularly known metropolitan city of India which is often referred to as “the Next Singapore in India”. This city has rapidly developed with the passage of time in terms of outsourcing destination, new age development, technology advancements and various other factors. This city houses all the major reputed Multinational companies including Convergys, American Express, GE, Coke, Gillette, Nestle, PepsiCo, GSK, General Motors and many  more. Apart from these MNCs, the city also offers significant opportunities for people to settle in Gurgaon with their own apartments in Gurgaon.
The most significantly growing industry in Gurgaon, now days, is the real estate industry. Gurgaon being equipped with all the modern facilities and impressive infrastructure becomes the major attraction for the common people as well as the real estate companies. Numerous leading real estate companies have established themselves in Gurgaon by offering extra ordinary variety of flats in Gurgaon. Huge numbers of residential, commercial, official space, industrial as well as rental properties and projects are available with the leading property dealers.
Some of the major projects which exist in Gurgaon of various leading real estate companies include:

  • The Tulip Lemon project of Tulip Builders in Sector 69 of Gurgaon.
  • Zara Awaas project by renowned Adani builder in Sector 104 of Gurgaon.
  • Corona Optus project by popularly known Clarion Group in Sector 37, part-2 of Gurgaon.
  • Tata Piramanti Tower by the pioneer Tata Housing group in Sector 72 of Gurgaon.
  • Imperial Gardens by Emaar MGF in sector 102 of Gurgaon.
  • Ambience Creacions by Ambience group in Sector 22 of Gurgaon.
  • Flexi Homes by Ansal Housing Group in Sushant Lok 2 of Gurgaon.
  •  Universal Aura by Universal group in Sector 82 of Gurgaon.

These are some of the significant projects of leading and well established builders of Gurgaon. However, there are several others also available in this city to match with the specific requirements of the people. These projects are available for original bookings in Gurgaon at very cost effective and highly reasonable prices. Not only this, several commercial projects have also been accomplished in Gurgaon making it a hub for effective economic development.

If you are planning to buy apartments in Gurgaon and are unable to take firm decision, obtain significant assistance and guidance with a leading consultant of Real estate in Gurgaon. These consultants with their extra ordinary team of reality experts offer effective suggestions and solutions to people according to their specific budget, location as well as other requirements. Apart from this, these consultants also offer highly user friendly and sustainable solutions for the investors who are interested in investing their money on residential as well as commercial properties. Gurgaon offers highly profitable policies of investment for the investors with the help of which maximum profit can be obtained while purchasing flats and apartments in Gurgaon. Just find all your property related solutions with the leading real estate consultant available in Gurgaon.


Live the Dream of Owning Apartments in Gurgaon at original booking

S.No Original Booking Projects Builder Name Location
1 Sobha City Apartments Sobha Developers Sector 108 Gurgaon
2 Bestech Park View Altura Bestech Sector 79 Gurgaon
3 ILD GSR Drive ILD Group Sohna Road Gurgaon
4 SARE OLYMPIA SARE Sector 92 Gurgaon
5 Central Park 3 Lake Front Tower Central Park Sohna Road Gurgaon
6 VATIKA XPRESSIONS Vatika Sector 88 Gurgaon
7 M3M Sierra M3M Sector 68 Gurgaon
8 Godrej ICON Godrej Sector 88 Gurgaon
9 Tulip Lemon Tulip Sector 69 Gurgaon
10 Corona Optus Clarion Sector 37 Part-II Gurgaon
11 Sunrays Heights Golf Drive Salcon Group Sector 63 Gurgaon
12 Zara Awaas Adani Builder Sector 104 Gurgaon
13 Chintels Acropolis Chintels Builder Sector 108 Gurgaon
14 Supertech Basera Supertech Sector 79 Gurgaon
15 Pyramid Urban Homes Prism Sector 70 Gurgaon
16 Supertech Aadri Supertech Sector 79 Gurgaon
17 Satya Luxury Residences Satya Group Sector 99 Gurgaon
18 Ambience Creacions Ambience Sector 22 Gurgaon
19 Homestead Cuteburrow Residences Homestead Sohna Road Gurgaon
20 M3M St Andrews Residencies M3M Golf Course Extension Gurgaon
21 Pareena Micasa Pareena Infrastructure Sector 68 Gurgaon
22 Supertech Azaliya Supertech Sector 68 Gurgaon
23 SARE Green ParC Crescent Parc Sector 92 Gurgaon
24 Adani Oyster Grande Adani Builder Sector 102 Gurgaon
25 Tata Primanti Tower Residences Tata Housing Sector 72 Gurgaon
26 Tata Primanti Residences Executive Floors Tata Housing Sector 72 Gurgaon
27 Tata Primanti Residences Executive Apartments Tata Housing Sector 71 Gurgaon
28 Tata Primanti Villas and Residences Tata Housing Sector 72 Gurgaon
29 Prism Portico Prism Sector 109 Gurgaon
30 Suncity Essel Tower Suncity Group M G Road Gurgaon
31 SS Group Delight - Splendours SS Group Sector 57 Gurgaon
32 Emaar MGF Imperial Gardens Emaar MGF Sector 102 Gurgaon
33 Experion Heartsong Experion Sector 108 Gurgaon
34 Bestech Park View Ananda Bestech Sector 81 Gurgaon
35 ATS Tourmaline ATS Gurgaon Sector 109 Gurgaon
36 ATS Marigold ATS Gurgaon Sector 89 Gurgaon
37 ATS Kocoon ATS Gurgaon Sector 109 Gurgaon
38 Assotech Orion Towers Assotech Group Sector 99 Gurgaon
39 Ansal Bougain Villa Ansal Group DLF Phase II Gurgaon
40 Ansal Eden Villas Ansal Group Sushant Lok II Gurgaon
41 Ansals Flexi Homes Ansal Housing Sushant Lok III Gurgaon
42 Antariksh Heights Antriksh Group Sector 84 Gurgaon
43 Ansal Florence Elite Ansal Group Sushant Lok II Gurgaon
44 Ansal Florence Marvel Ansal Group Sushant Lok II Gurgaon
45 Ansal Highland Park Ansal Group Sector 103 Gurgaon
46 Ansal Heights 92 Ansal Group Sector 92 Gurgaon
47 Ansal Heights 86 Ansal Group Sector 86 Gurgaon
48 Ansal Lemon Grove Ansal Group Gurgaon - Faridabad Road Gurgaon
49 Ansal Navkriti Arcade Ansal Group Sushant Lok II Gurgaon
50 Ansal Orange County Ansal Housing Gurgaon - Faridabad Road Gurgaon
51 Ansal Roses Retreat Ansal Housing Gurgaon - Faridabad Road Gurgaon
52 Ansal Royale Residency Ansal Housing Sushant Lok II Gurgaon
53 Ansal Silver Crest Ansal Group Sushant Lok III Gurgaon
54 Ansal Sushant Floor Ansal Group Sushant Lok II Gurgaon
55 Ansal Valley View Estate Ansal Group Gurgaon - Faridabad Road Gurgaon
56 Ansal Api The Fernhill Ansal Group Sector 91 Gurgaon
57 Universal Aura Universal Sector 82 Gurgaon
58 Unitech Vistas Phase-II Unitech Sector 70 Gurgaon
59 Unitech Vistas Unitech Sector 70 Gurgaon
60 Unitech Uniworld Garden II Unitech Sohna Road Gurgaon
61 Unitech Uniworld City Unitech Sector 30 Gurgaon
62 Unitech The World Spa Unitech Sector 31 Gurgaon
63 Unitech The Willows Plots Unitech Sector 71 Gurgaon
64 Unitech The Residences Uniworld Resorts Unitech Sector 33 Gurgaon
65 Unitech South Park Unitech Sector 70 Gurgaon
66 Unitech The Palms Unitech South City I Gurgaon
67 Unitech Sunbreeze Unitech Sector 69 Gurgaon
68 Unitech South City II Unitech Sohna Road Gurgaon
69 Unitech Opulence Unitech Sector 33 Gurgaon
70 Unitech Nirvana Country-II Unitech Sohna Road Gurgaon
71 Unitech Karma Lakelands Unitech Golf Course Road Gurgaon
72 Unitech Ivy Terraces Unitech Sector 70 Gurgaon
73 Unitech Ivory Tower Unitech South City I Gurgaon
74 Unitech Heritage City Unitech M G Road Gurgaon
75 Unitech Woodstock Floors Unitech Nirwana Country Gurgaon
76 Unitech Harmony Unitech Sector 50 Gurgaon
77 Unitech Crestview Apartments Unitech Sector 70 Gurgaon
78 Unitech Fresco Unitech Nirwana Country Gurgaon
79 Umang Winter Hills Umang Group Sector 77 Gurgaon
80 Tulip White Tulip Sector 69 Gurgaon
81 Salcon The Verandas Salcon Group Sector 54 Gurgaon
82 Ramada Aalayas Ramada Sector 102 Gurgaon
83 Radiant Buildwell Pragati Heights Radiant Buildwell Sector 70 Gurgaon
84 Precision Soho Tower Precision Sohna Road Gurgaon
85 Parsvnath Presidency Parsvnath Sector 52 Gurgaon
86 Puri Emerald Bay Puri Constructions Sector 104 Gurgaon
87 Puri Diplomatic Greens Puri Constructions Sector 111 Gurgaon
88 Pioneer Presidia Pioneer Sector 62 Gurgaon
89 Pioneer Park Pioneer Sector 62 Gurgaon
90 Pioneer Araya Pioneer Sector 62 Gurgaon
91 Orris Spring Homes Orris Sector 85 Gurgaon
92 Orris Lotus Woodview Orris Sector 89 Gurgaon
93 Orris Kohana Orris Sector 89 Gurgaon
94 Orris Carnation Residency Orris Sector 85 Gurgaon
95 Orris Aster Court Premier Orris Sector 85 Gurgaon
96 Orris Aster Court Orris Sector 86 Gurgaon
97 Orchid Petals Orchid Sohna Road Gurgaon
98 Orchid Mayfield Garden Orchid Sector 51 Gurgaon
99 Orchid Island Orchid Sector 51 Gurgaon
100 Ompee Group Homes 14 Ompee Group Sector 114 Gurgaon

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